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Toplofikatsiya Ruse (Bulgarian: Топлофикация Русе) is the district heating company in the city of Ruse in Northern Bulgaria. As of 2011, the company is owned by Russian company Mechel.[1]

Toplofikatsiya Ruse has two power stations producing electricity and heat. The heat distribution network in Ruse has a total length of 79 km as of 2011, and serves over 18,000 customers.[1]

Name Heat energy capacity
Heat energy output (2011)
Electric capacity
Electric output (2011)
Built Notes
TEC Ruse East 624 400 1964 -
TEC Ruse West 41 [2] 1972 (bg)
Total 665 400 -

The first power station in Ruse, TEC Ruse, was a diesel power plant with an installed capacity of 6.4 MWe. It was built in 1917 with a capacity of 1.4 MWe, with a further 5 MWe added in 1949. It was brought out of exploitation in 1964.[1]

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