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Tops may refer to:

TOPS may refer to:

  • TOPS, a band from Montreal, Quebec
  • TOPS, Total Operations Processing System, a railroad stock management system
  • TOPS (Nortel), Traffic Operator Position System, a computer-based operator switchboard
  • TOPS-10, a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10 operating system
  • TOPS-20, a Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-10 operating system
  • TOPS (file server), a file-sharing system for the Macintosh and IBM PC
  • Talented Offerings for Programs in the Sciences, a mathematics and science-oriented special program found in Toronto, Canada
  • TOPS Club, a non-profit weight-management organization in the United States
  • Traffic Operations Practitioner Specialist, a non-professional certification for transportation engineers
  • Thermoelectric Outer Planets Spacecraft, a proposed vehicle to carry out the Planetary Grand Tour
  • Tops Appliance City, a defunct New York City-region chain of appliance stores

The similarly spelled Topps may refer to:

  • Topps, a manufacturer of candy and collectibles
  • Topps Meat Company, a producer of ground beef patties
  • Topps Tiles, a British retailer that sells floor tiles and related products

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