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The music pavilion in the Torshov park

Torshov is an area in the borough Sagene in Oslo, Norway.

Vogts gate serves as the neighborhood's main street. In the street there are trams between the city centre and Kjelsås. Along Vogts gate are several coffee shops, restaurants and cafes.

The Torshov public school was built in 1878. Torshov was separated from Sagene as a separate congregation in 1930. The Torshov church was consecrated in 1958.

The local sports club is Skeid Fotball.

The name[edit]

The area is named after an old farm with the name Torshov (Old Norse Þórshof). The first element is the genitive of Þórr, the last element is hof, Norse meaning "Thor's temple." (No remains of the temple, however, have been found.)

Old farms with the name Þórshof are also found in Enebakk, Gjerdrum, Jevnaker, Lørenskog, Løten, Sigdal, Torsnes, Trøgstad and Vang.

Coordinates: 59°56′1.43″N 10°45′51.19″E / 59.9337306°N 10.7642194°E / 59.9337306; 10.7642194