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Toyota Big Air is a Japanese snowboarding (Straight jump) contest. This contest has been held in the Makomanai Open Stadium, Sapporo, Hokkaido since 1997, and from 2012 at the Sapporo Dome. The organizing office of the event announced on September 30, 2014 that the event would no longer take place, making the previous event held on February 23, 2014 the final edition.


Years 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
1997 SwitzerlandFabien Rohrer AustriaMax Ploetzenneder SwitzerlandMichi Albin
1998 SwitzerlandMichi Albin FinlandJuha Tenkku JapanNarufumi Yoshimura
1999 SwitzerlandMichi Albin AustriaStefan Gimpl United StatesJim Rippey
2000 SwitzerlandJonas Emery AustriaStefan Gimpl NorwayDaniel Franck
2001 CanadaGuillaume Morisset NorwayRoger Hjelmstadstuen AustriaStefan Gimpl
2002 United StatesShaun White AustriaStefan Gimpl JapanAkifumi Hiraoka
2003 NorwayRoger Hjelmstadstuen NorwayDaniel Franck AustriaStefan Gimpl
2004 CanadaMarc-Andre Tarte FinlandEero Ettala NorwayDaniel Franck
2005 FinlandEero Ettala FranceMathieu Crepel NorwayRoger Hjelmstadstuen
SwitzerlandNicolas Müller
2006 SwitzerlandNicolas Muller FinlandEero Ettala CanadaTrevor Andrew
2007 United StatesKevin Pearce FinlandRisto Mattila FinlandAntti Autti
SwitzerlandNicolas Muller
2008 FinlandAntti Autti FinlandRisto Mattila United StatesKevin Pearce
JapanMasatake Yamamoto
2009 FinlandEero Ettala United StatesTim Humphreys FinlandRisto Mattila
2010 FinlandPeetu Piiroinen FinlandEero Ettala FinlandAntti Autti
BelgiumSeppe Smits
2011 United StatesChas Guldemond CanadaSebastien Toutant CanadaMark McMorris
BelgiumSeppe Smits

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