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Tracker or The Tracker may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]





Businesses and products[edit]


  • Index tracker, or Index fund, a type of passively managed mutual fund that mimics a benchmark market index
  • Tracker mortgage, a type of variable-rate mortgage

People (occupation)[edit]

  • Aboriginal tracker, enlisted by early European settlers and police until recently in Australia to assist in finding food and water, locating missing persons and criminals, etc.
  • Tracker in the military, beyond Australia: see reconnaissance (article so far closest related to topic)
  • Tracker, a person specializing in tracking, which involves finding and following a trail
  • In Chinese history, a tracker was a labourer hired to haul large junks up the Yangtze River




  • Tracker (mobile phone), a system for tracking the location of a mobile phone
  • Tracker (vehicle), a device for tracking the location of a vehicle
  • Activity tracker, a device for tracking fitness-related activities and associated measures
  • Radar tracker, part of a radar system
  • S-2 Tracker, a carrier-based ASW aircraft manufactured by Grumman
  • Solar tracker, a device used in some solar energy applications for orienting a photovoltaic panel or reflector toward the sun

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