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Tracy G
Birth name Tracy Grijalva
Born January 3, 1959
Whittier, California
Genres Heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Dio
Riff Raff

Tracy G (born Tracy Grijalva on January 3, 1959 in Whittier, California) is an American heavy metal guitarist best known for his time with Dio from 1993 to 1999.

Early life[edit]

His first band was with his father, called the Grijalva Brothers. He had a few guitar instructors when he was little, and was told by one of them that he would have a hard time playing because "his fingers were too small". Grijalva, being the determined musician that he was, would practice until his fingers hurt.


Tracy gives credit to Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen) and Donny Simmons (Yankee Rose, Stormer)[1] for influencing his playing, especially referring to Simmons as 'his idol'.[2]


He would later play in a variety of bands, including with future member of Great White, Jack Russell. He also put together the bands Love/Hate with singer Jizzy Pearl, and Swift Kick. He would play at almost any club he could find to get his publicity out. He also played with vocalist Rudy Torres and drummer Audie Desbrow (Great White) in Riff Raff, a very popular band around southern California in the early days of hard rock and heavy metal.

Tracy then joined Dio. In his six years with the band, Tracy G was featured on two studio albums, (Strange Highways and Angry Machines), and one live album (Inferno: Last in Live). He left the band in 1999 when he was asked to play rhythm guitar while Craig Goldy took lead.[citation needed] Dio decided to bring back Goldy, who had played with him on the Dream Evil album.

Tracy G formed The Tracy G Group, which included Jeremy Masana on bass guitar, Donnie Rodriguez on drums and, respectively, Tracy G on guitar.[3]

Currently, Tracy G is in the band Goad-ed. They have released two albums and Tracy has released numerous solo albums as well.[4]



Swift Kick[edit]

  • Long Live Rock (1984)


  • Tear 'Em Up (1988; re-released in 2003)


  • WWIII (1990)

Eightball Cholos[edit]

  • Satan's Whore (1996)

Tracy G[edit]

  • The G Factory (1997)
  • Compilation Volume I (1999)
  • Baron Von Troglenstein (1999)
  • A Spooky G X-Mas (2001)
  • Katt Gutt (2001)
  • Deviating From the Set List (2002)
  • Grijalva (2007)
  • A Frosty G Christmas (2009)

Tracy G & The B.M.B.[edit]

  • Watch Out for The Cucui (1999)

Tracy G & Michael Beatty[edit]

  • Me, Myself, and The Rain (1999)

Tracy G & The Starr Track Vatos[edit]

  • Stripper Bootleg Live (2002)

The Tracy G Group[edit]

  • The Tracy G Group (2003)
  • Erector Pili (2006)
  • Controlled Chaos (2011)
  • Tramp (2017)

Curly Fester and The Blues Quartet[edit]

  • ...Live Sessions (2003)


  • Work in Progress (1999)
  • Citizen X (1999)
  • Driven (2000)
  • Self Inflicted (2001)

The Mark Bramlett Band[edit]

  • Fast Women and Slow Horses (2000)


  • Goad-ed (2005)
  • To Die is Gain (2008)


  • Metaphor (2006)


  • Freakz Unite (2007)

Robot Lords of Tokyo[edit]

  • Virtue & Vice (2012)

Pain Savior[edit]

  • Dead Weight On A Dying Planet (2013)

Barking Spider[edit]

  • Warrior by Night (single) (2014)


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