Transit (Sponge Cola album)

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Studio album by Sponge Cola
Released May 21, 2006
Genre Pinoy Rock

48:55 (Original Version)

1:11:36 (Repackaged Version)
Label Universal Records
Producer Patrick Tirano
Sponge Cola
Sponge Cola chronology
Sponge Cola (Album)
Singles from Transit
  1. "Bitiw"
    Released: May 16, 2006
  2. "Tuliro"
    Released: December 1, 2006
  3. "Movie"
    Released: August 4, 2007
  4. "Pasubali"
    Released: January 21, 2008

Transit is the second album of the Pinoy rock band Sponge Cola. Under Universal Records, Transit is already out in all major record bars.

"Bitiw" and "Tuliro" are the first two singles from the album.

In an interview, Yael Yuzon explained, "I think on the first record we just wanted to have an album out as a collection of songs written from high school; while on Transit, we wanted to push the limits of our song-writing so we took a creatively different approach for every song."

Transit reached Platinum status

Transit Deluxe was released in 2008 with New songs,Acoustic version,Cover song from APO Hiking Society and a radio edit version,It includes a VCD with music videos from transit singles.

In Later 2013,Palabas & Transit COllection was released with the standard edition of palabas and Deluxe Version of Transit but the Vcd or the music video wasn't present...Only the bonus track was included.

Bitiw was later performed in the second season of Your Face Sounds Familiar Philippines when Yael Yuzon dueted with KZ Tandingan who impersonated Yael.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Bitiw" 3:21
2. "Tuliro" 4:19
3. "Movie" 4:34
4. "The Wandering" 5:45
5. "Gunita" 3:03
6. "Do You Know The Feeling" 3:45
7. "Sa Bingit Ng Isang Paalam" 4:15
8. "Myself In You" 4:34
9. "All We Need" 4:04
10. "Nocturne" 2:44
11. "Pasubali" 4:59
12. "Harapin" 3:33

Transit Deluxe(VCD)[edit]

Transit Deluxe(2008)/Palabas & Transit Collection(2013)[edit]


Country Provider Certification
Philippines PARI Platinum