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For the Philippine branch of this label's former parent, see List of Warner Music Group labels.
Universal Records (Philippines)
Universal Records Ph.jpg
Parent company Warner Music Group (1977–1992)
Founded 1977 (as WEA Records Philippines)
Founder Warner Music Group
Bella Dy Tan
Status Active
Distributor(s) self-distributed
Genre Various
Country of origin Philippines
Location 9/F, Universal Tower, 1487 Quezon Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Official website http://universalrecords.com.ph/

Universal Records Philippines Inc. is a Filipino record label founded in 1977 as a part of Warner Music Group.[1] Since 1992, it became independent.


URPI was founded in 1977 as WEA Records Philippines Inc. The company was the licensee of WEA in Philippines for 15 years, but the latter still decided to put its own office, the precursor of what is now Warner Music Philippines.

In 1992, the company adopted a new name, Universal Records Philippines Inc., and since then it rose as one of the Philippines' best and biggest record labels.

It is a member of the Philippine Association of the Record Industry.[2]

Universal Records officially distributed K-pop albums from September 2009, to be followed by some J-pop albums which was announced late May 2011.

Currently, it is the leading independent recording company in the country, being home to some of the finest, most respected artists.

Distributed Labels[edit]

As of 2011 :




(Updated as of February 20, 2015.)

Universal Records (Main)[edit]

Bellhaus Entertainment[edit]

Homeworkz Entertainment Services[edit]

  • Jay R (2003—present)
  • Chelo Aestrid (2011—present)

Former artists[edit]

Trade name dispute with UMG[edit]

Universal Music Group can't use the Universal name in the Philippines because URPI has the rights for the said trade name. Due to this, UMG currently makes business in the Philippines as MCA Music, Inc. - the old worldwide name for UMG.[4]

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