Transit 5E-1

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Transit 5E-1
Transit 5E-1
Mission type Charged particle research
Solar research
Operator US Air Force
COSPAR ID 1963-038C
Mission duration 11 years
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass 59 kilograms (130 lb)
Dimensions 0.46 m x 0.25 m
Start of mission
Launch date 28 September 1963, 20:22 (1963-09-28UTC20:22Z) UTC
Rocket Thor DSV-2A Ablestar
Launch site Vandenberg LC-75-1-1
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Semi-major axis 7,470.7 kilometers (4,642.1 mi)
Perigee 1,070.9 kilometers (665.4 mi)
Apogee 1,128.5 kilometers (701.2 mi)
Inclination 90.1 degrees
Period 107.1 minutes

Transit 5E-1, International Designator 1963-038C, is an artificial satellite of the United States Department of Defense and launched in September 28, 1963, aboard a Thor rocket from the Vandenberg Air Force Base.


Transit 5E-1 was launched for studying charged particles, magnetic fields and solar spectra, as well as doing geodetic research.[citation needed]

It was launched to a polar orbit, from where it did geomagnetic and geodetic measurements. Electrical power was produced by four solar panels. After August 1969, the satellite did measurements infrequently. The last data were transmitted in November, 1974.

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