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Trap or Traps may refer to:

  • Trap, Carmarthenshire, a hamlet in Wales
  • Giovanni Trapattoni (born 1939), Italian association football coach and former player also known as sometimes known as "Trap" or "Il Trap"
  • Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel, a U.S. military term for a rescue mission to retrieve a downed aircraft
  • TRAP law ("Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers"), a type of legislation used to restrict abortion providers
  • a pejorative term for a person who passes so well as female that they could be chosen as partner despite having unexpected (male-typical) genitalia, implying deceitful intention on the part of the person
  • Slang for crack house

Capturing method[edit]



  • Canary trap, a method for exposing an information leak
  • Chess trap, a move intended to induce the opponent to blunder
  • Honey trap, a form of sting operation in law enforcement
  • Neutral zone trap, a defensive strategy in ice hockey
  • Speed trap, a tactic designed to catch speed limit violators, or a place where such a tactic is commonly used
  • Trap street, an intentionally incorrectly rendered street on a map





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