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For other uses, see Triple A (disambiguation).
Original author(s) Sean Bridges
Developer(s) Kevin Comcowich (ComradeKev), Mark Christopher Duncan (Veqryn), Wisconsin
Initial release October 1, 2001;
15 years ago
Stable release / January 21, 2017;
2 months ago
Written in Java
Platform Java SE
Size 344.8 MB
Available in English
Type Turn-based strategy
License GNU General Public License

TripleA is a free (under GPL) turn based strategy game based on Axis & Allies board game. A wide variety of map scenarios have been developed for TripleA [1](World War II, Punic Wars, Napoleonic wars, etc.)[2][3] with a variety of rules, units[4] and many options (such as "low luck" which reduces the number of dice rolled making game depend more on strategy).[5]

TripleA is programmed in Java and can run on personal computers with Java SE installed.[6]

For live multiplayer games, the community maintains two lobbies for the most current Stable and Unstable versions.[7] It may be easy to find opponents online, with over 7,000 downloads per month.[8] TripleA also features a Play by Email mode and several AIs.[7] for single player mode.

Some TripleA designers also worked on FreeCol, and Open General.

TripleA has been compared to Risk.[2][9]

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