Tripura (film)

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Tripura Telugu Posters.jpg
Directed by Rajkiran
Produced by A Chinna Babu
M Rajasekhar
Starring Swathi Reddy
Rao Ramesh
Naveen Chandra
Music by Kamran
Release date
  • 6 November 2015 (2015-11-06)
Running time
135 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 3 crore INR

Tripura is a 2015 Telugu horror-action film directed by Rajkiran, starring Swathi Reddy and Naveen Chandra in the lead roles and produced by A Chinna Babu and M Rajasekhar. Kamran composed the film's soundtrack. Upon release the film received positive reviews.This Movie Also dubbed in Hindi by The Same Titel By Zee Cinema.


Tripura is a story about village background. Tripura (Swathi Reddy) is a village girl who has weird dreams and all those dreams come true. Tripura is taken to Hyderabad for her treatment about the dreams. There she meets a doctor, (Naveen Chandra), and they both fall in love and get married. They soon move into a big penthouse. Soon Tripura notices paranormal activitys. The doctor's friend goes missing. As time passes, Tripura continues to get these dreams, until one day where she sees herself killing her husband with a knife. Naveen's friend, a police officer is intending to search for his and Naveen's friend. When the police officer tells Tripura that Naveen killed their friend and that he will kill her also. When Naveen reached home he saw that Tripura was nowhere to be found. When he saw her Tripura stabbed him. By the time the police officer had came at their house. Naveen tells Tripura that he did not kill her but the police officer had killed their friend. So when he tries to kill both of them, the ghost of the friend arrives and kills the police officer. Then the screen cuts black.




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