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Trump is a German surname. It derives from a word for "drum."

German surname[edit]

Bahlow (1982) derives the German surname Trump from a Bavarian word for "drum" (Middle High German trumpe).[1] Trump is a contemporary German surname (comparatively rare, with 382 phone book entries as of 2016), with concentrations in the Cologne area, the Bad Dürkheim district (includes Kallstadt), Gifhorn district and the Schwäbisch Hall/Ansbach region.[2]

Donald Trump's family[edit]

Donald Trump is the grandson of Friedrich Trump (later named Frederick) from Kallstadt, Germany. The German Verein für Computergenealogie traces the ancestry of Friedrich Trump to Johann Paul Trump (1727-1792) in Bobenheim am Berg in the German Palatinate.[3] From there, Johannes Trump (1789-1835) moved to the nearby village of Kallstadt. His son Johannes Christian Trump (1829-1877) married Katharina Kober from Wachenheim, and their last child, Friedrich, emigrated to New York in 1885.


  • Charles S. Trump (born 1960), West Virginia State Senator
  • Georg Trump (1896–1985), German graphic, typeface, and postage stamp designer
  • Harvey Trump (born 1968), English cricketer
  • Judd Trump (born 1989), English snooker player
  • Walter Trump, German mathematician
  • William Trump (1923–2009), USCG hero and namesake of the USCGC William Trump
  • David H. Trump (1931-2016), British archaeologist known for his work in the area of Maltese prehistory


  • Kelly Trump (born August 27, 1970 as Nicole Heyka), German pornographic actress


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