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Tsedenia Gebremarkos is an Ethiopian artist. She has released songs about HIV/AIDS, and met Brad Pitt when he was visiting the country.[1] She shared the prize for best East African female at the Kora Awards in 2004 for the song "Ewedhalehu", with Achien'g Abura (Kenya) for her song "Toto Wangu."[2]

Tsedina has recently worked with the Ethiopian dub band Dub Colossus. They released an EP, 'A Town Called Addis' in June 2008 through Real World Records[3] and a full length LP album of the same name was released in August 2008 exclusively through the Bowers & Wilkins Music Club.

She also sang two songs on the album Punt (Made in Ethiopia) by Invisible System released on Harper Diabate Records and produced by Dub Colossus cousin Dan Harper [1]


  • Bisetegn

Invisible System : Punt (Made in Ethiopia) - album

Film appearances[edit]

Tsednia makes a debut appearance in Motherland Motherland (film) and upcoming film (2009) from the producers of 500 Years Later."[4]


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