Aqua Twist

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Aqua Twist
AquaTwist - logo.png
La Ronde
Coordinates 45°31′27″N 73°32′03″W / 45.524097°N 73.534199°W / 45.524097; -73.534199
Status Operating
Opening date June 1, 2013 (2013-06-01)
Six Flags St. Louis
Area Gateway to the West
Status Operating
Opening date May 24, 2014 (2014-05-24)
Replaced Powder Keg
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Area Sky
Status Operating
Opening date May 31, 2014 (2014-05-31)
Replaced Wave Jumper
General statistics
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Model Twist 'n' Splash
Vehicle type Boats
Height restriction 36 in (91 cm)
Platform diameter 20 m (66 ft)
Vehicles 9
Riders Per Vehicle 6
Flash Pass Available

Aqua Twist is a water-based teacup ride located at several Six Flags theme parks in North America. Designed by Mack Rides, a German ride manufacturer, the attraction is one of their "Twist 'n' Splash" models. Since 2013, Six Flags has installed Aqua Twists in three of their parks.


On August 30, 2012, La Ronde's owner Six Flags announced that they would be adding Aqua Twist to the park in 2013.[1] On June 1, 2013, the attraction officially opened to the public, making La Ronde the first amusement park in North America to install a ride of its kind.[2][3][4][5]

On June 28, 2013, Six Flags filed for a trademark with the United States Patents and Trademark Office for the name "Aqua Twist", leading to speculation that the company has plans for future installations at its other parks in the United States.[6] On August 29, 2013, Six Flags officially announced the ride would be installed at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags St. Louis for the 2014 season under the name Tsunami Soaker.[7] Tsunami Soaker at Six Flags St. Louis was the first to open in the United States on May 24, 2014, replacing the Powder Keg (also known as Hannibarrels) ride that had sat idle since 1997.[8] A week later, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom open their new Tsunami Soaker on May 31, 2014, which is located at the former location of Wave Jumper located next to the wooden roller coaster, Roar.[9]

Six Flags renovated Roar at Discovery Kingdom and reopened it as The Joker in 2016, which led to the retheme of Tsunami Soaker to The Penguin, after the DC Comics villain to fit the theme of the area of where the ride is located.[10]


Name Park Area Opening date Refs
Aqua Twist La Ronde June 1, 2013 [2]
Tsunami Soaker Six Flags St. Louis Gateway to the West May 24, 2014 [8]
The Penguin Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Sky May 31, 2014 [9]

Ride experience[edit]

Riders board one of the nine boats. Before the ride's operational cycle begins the floor under the boats get filled with water, resulting in the boats floating. Once the ride begins the boats rotate like a traditional teacups attraction from an amusement park. There are six water guns that are equipped onto the boats as a way to splash other riders and bystanders.[11] The ride operates with nine boats that feature six seats each, resulting in 54 riders per cycle.[8]


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