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Developer(s) 21-6 Productions
Publisher(s) GarageGames
Reflexive Arcade
Halycon (Germany)
Designer(s) Keith Johnston
Mike Panico
Dave Calabrese
Justin Mette
Engine Torque Game Engine
Platform(s) Windows, OS X
  • NA: January 2006
  • EU: May 2006
Genre(s) Puzzle
Mode(s) Single Player

TubeTwist is a computer puzzle game created by 21-6 Productions and based on similar classic games, that involve manipulating the movement of balls through a labyrinth of tubes, which are utilised to construct a Rube Goldberg style device. The game has a background storyline broken consisting of five chapters, with each chapter corresponding to a different area.


The player plays the role of a scientist searching for their missing professor, re-assembling the TubeTwist experiments to unlock the professor’s secrets. Macrotons are the balls of energy that must be guided from the Injector Tubes to the Reactor tubes. Three types of Macrotons exist: green, blue, and exploding Macrotons. The green and blue Macrotons must reach the reactor of the same color to release the energy from the Macrotons. Exploding Macrotons are used to clear paths for the green and blue Macrotons.

After completing all the experiments in a chapter, the story will continue and the player will get closer to finding the missing Professor Jaymour.


TubeTwist along with the story element was originally conceived and developed by Keith Johnston and Mike Panico of Pinoli Software, who eventually partnered with 21-6 Productions to assist in producing the game. The final core team to create the game, along with Keith Johnston and Mike Panico as game designers, was Justin Mette as executive producer, Dave Calabrese as artist/scripter/story writer, Mike Panico as texture artist, environment designer and modeler, Chris Brethren as level artist, and Matt Sayre as the game composer creating the audio and musical score to the game.

Game updates and special editions[edit]

On December 6 of 2006, the 'Quantum-Flux Edition' of TubeTwist was officially released. This new edition officially adds support for Experiment Packs, ships with 2 built-in experiment packs, adds the ability to have up to 13 individual player profiles, performance enhancements, various other small additions and can import saved data from the original TubeTwist.

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