Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation

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Regional Corporation
Location of Tunapuna-Piarco
Country Trinidad and Tobago
 • Body Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation
 • Chairman Edwin Gooding
 • Total 527.23 km2 (203.56 sq mi)
Population (2011 est.)
 • Total 215,119
 • Density 410/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
Time zone AST (UTC-4)

Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation is a local government body in Trinidad and Tobago. It is one of nine Regional Corporations in Trinidad which replaced the system of Counties as local government bodies in 1992. It is the largest by population of all the Regional Corporations. It contains the eastern end of the densely populated East-West Corridor. The population is diverse.


The Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation is headquartered in Tunapuna. Other towns include Arouca, Blanchisseuse, Curepe, St. Augustine, Trincity, and Piarco. The Borough of Arima is completely surrounded by the Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation. Trinidad's main airport, Piarco International Airport, is located here.

  • Auzonville/Tunapuna
  • Bon Air/Arouca/Cane Farm
  • Curepe/Pasea
  • Caura/Paradise/Tacarigua
  • Cleaver/D'Abadie
  • Wallerfield/La Horquetta
  • Five Rivers
  • La Florissante/Lopinot
  • Blanchisseuse/Santa Rosa
  • Carapo
  • Macoya/Trincity
  • Maracas/Santa Margarita
  • Mausica/Maloney
  • Valsayn/St Joseph
  • St Augustine South/Piarco/St Helena
  • Kelly Village/Warrenville


Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago has its head office at Piarco International Airport, Piarco.[1]

Businesses in Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation area[edit]

Caribbean Airlines had its headquarters in Iere House, Piarco.[2] Prior to the establishment of Caribbean Airlines, BWIA West Indies Airways was headquartered at Piarco International Airport in Piarco.[3]


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