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Tuner may refer to someone or something which adjusts or configures a mechanical, electronic, or musical device.


  • Antenna tuner, a device to adjust the resonance frequency of an antenna or transmission line
  • ATSC tuner, a device that receives digital television broadcasts
  • Tuner (radio), a module or device which separates out one channel from low-amplitude radio-frequency signals for further processing
  • TV tuner card, a device that allows reception of television on a computer
  • TV gateway, or network TV tuner, a device that receives digital television broadcasts and streams them over an IP network


  • Electronic tuner, a device used by musicians and technicians to measure the pitch of a musical instrument to adjust or correct the input signal to the desired pitch
  • Tuning mechanisms for stringed instruments, such as tuning pegs, tuning pins, tuning levers, & konso
    • Machine head, a flat handle for the worm gear on a string instrument upon which a string is wound
  • Tuner (band), an electronic rock duo consisting of Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter


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