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For the village in Alba County, see Hopârta.
"Spini" redirects here. For the village in Alba County that bore this name until 1964, see Șona.
Country  Romania
County Hunedoara County
Population (2002)[1] 1,955
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Turdaș (Hungarian: Tordos) is a commune in Hunedoara County, Romania. It is composed of four villages: Pricaz (Perkász), Râpaș (Répás), Spini (Pád) and Turdaș.

This is the location of the Turdaş archaeological site. The archaeological site was a large Neolithic/Chalcolithic settlement along the course of the Mureş River. It was first researched by Zsófia Torma. The sub-culture Vinča-Turdaș (a late, regional variation of the Vinča culture) is named after this site. Some archaeological culture layers at this site are contemporary with the site at Tărtăria.


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Coordinates: 45°51′00″N 23°08′00″E / 45.85°N 23.1333°E / 45.85; 23.1333