Turf Buccaneers

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Turf Buccaneers
Studio album by Mac Dre and Cutthroat Committee
Released February 21, 2001 (U.S.)
Genre West Coast Hip Hop, Hyphy, Gangsta Rap
Label Thizz Entertainment
Mac Dre and Cutthroat Committee chronology
Turf Buccaneers
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(2005)Money Iz Motive2005

Turf Buccaneers is a 2001 album by Mac Dre and his group, Cutthroat Committee, composing of Dre, PSD, & dubee

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro" - (featuring Tic)
  2. "Talk Big Shit" (featuring Sleep Dank)
  3. "It's Nothin"
  4. "I Don't Won't"
  5. "When We Roll" (featuring Bobcat)
  6. "Cutthroat Committee" (featuring Miami)
  7. "First Time I Seen Her"
  8. "Punk Rock" (featuring Reek Daddy, 44 Hoes and Willy Hen)
  9. "You Ain't My Dog"
  10. "Greedy fa Green" (featuring Sleep Dank)
  11. "Anti-Square" (featuring Miami)
  12. "Me and You"
  13. "Reek Daddy"
  14. "That's My Jam" (Hidden Track)
  15. "Me & My Amigo's"
  16. "Made Men" (featuring San Quinn, Willy Hen and Factor)
  17. "Plain 2 See" (featuring Tic)