Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station

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Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station is located in Kenya
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station
Location of Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station in Kenya
Country Kenya
Location Kapenguria, West Pokot County
Coordinates 1°53′53.47″N 35°20′1.34″E / 1.8981861°N 35.3337056°E / 1.8981861; 35.3337056Coordinates: 1°53′53.47″N 35°20′1.34″E / 1.8981861°N 35.3337056°E / 1.8981861; 35.3337056
Purpose Power, irrigation, fisheries
Status Operational
Construction began 1986
Opening date 1991; 27 years ago (1991)
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Arch
Impounds Turkwel River
Height 153 m (502 ft)
Length 150 m (490 ft)
Dam volume 170,000 m3 (220,000 cu yd)
Creates Turkwel Gorge Reservoir
Total capacity 1,641,000,000 m3 (1,330,000 acre⋅ft)
Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station
Coordinates 1°55′16.85″N 35°21′31.79″E / 1.9213472°N 35.3588306°E / 1.9213472; 35.3588306
Operator(s) Kenya Electricity Generating Company
Commission date 1991
Type Conventional
Hydraulic head 356 m (1,168 ft)
Turbines 2 x 56 MW Francis-type
Installed capacity 106 MW (142,000 hp)

The Turkwel Hydroelectric Power Station, also Turkwel Dam, is an arch dam on the Turkwel River about 76 km (47 mi) north of Kapenguria in West Pokot County, Kenya. The dam serves several purposes to include hydroelectric power production, irrigation tourism and fisheries. It was constructed between 1986 and 1991. It supports the third largest hydroelectric power plant in the country, having an installed electric capacity of 106 megawatts (142,000 hp).[1]

The dam, Kenya's tallest, has a height of 153 metres (502 ft), crest length of 150 m, dam volume of 170,000 cubic metres (6,000,000 cu ft) and retains a water volume of 1,641 million cubic metres (1,330,000 acre⋅ft). The power station is located underground downstream and contains two 56 MW Francis turbine-generators.[2] The difference in elevation between the reservoir and power station afford a net hydraulic head of 356 m (1,168 ft).[3]

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