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Tushar Tyagi
Tushar Tyagi - YIFF.jpg
Tushar Tyagi at Yellostone International Film Festival
Born (1989-12-27) 27 December 1989 (age 32)
OccupationFilm director, producer, writer and actor

Tushar Tyagi born on 27 December 1989 (Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India), is an Indian FILM Director. His interest in telling stories and presenting life as an art proved to be a turning point in his decision to become a film director.

Initial life and education[edit]

He completed his schooling from Translam Academy International school Meerut, India. After that, he moved to Roorkee, India and completed his computer Engineering (B Tech) From the College Of Engineering Roorkee.

Journey to cinema[edit]

To realize his dreams of being a Filmmaker, Tushar further pursued course in film making from New York Film Academy, New York City, United States. Prior to attending New York Film Academy, he also did a diploma course in Mass communication & Radio Management program from Salam n Namaste Radio, IMS Noida India. In addition, he also pursued course in film and TV production from AAFT, Noida India. Different courses dealing with radio, TV, production and film making helped him to earn both theoretical and practical knowledge. His in-depth knowledge transformed him into a successful writer, talented director and creative filmmaker.

Best work[edit]

He always wanted to depict the world experience the way it used to revolve in his own mind, where breathtaking things were created each passing second. To transform this wonderful imagination to big screen, Tushar decided to become a film maker. Here are some of his work, which depicted his ideas clearly:

  • Lying is done with words, and also with silence (June, 2013)
    • This 56-minute short English film came in June 2013 (USA). Under the direction of Tushar, this film shows how a man, who is unknown starts convincing a woman to get intimate, causes relationship with her sister to ruin.
  • Inception of a lost Art (Aug, 2013)
    • In this 147-minute film, director (Tushar) presents a mysterious man, who challenges a woman for his art. It is a story of unseen world, which can only be answered by initiating like-minded thoughts.
  • Behind a Woman's Eyes (September, 2013)
    • A journey of a woman to find the true meaning of love, whose relationship is dying, has been presented in this film. But, sometimes, we have to lose something in order to appreciate it in the later years.
  • Gulabee (November, 2013)
    • Tushar Tyagi directed the movie Gulabee with the collaboration of Audacity Innovative, which is a motion picture company based in America. For the film Gulabee, Gujarat-based actress Avani Modi, who worked as a sex worker, created headlines for her powerful acting. She coped with unprecedented circumstances of life as a prostitute and showed courage to fight with the challenges of her past. The film was rewarded with a Royal Reel award at Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Films as a director and writer[edit]

Year Film name Language Star cast
January 2013 Didn't Learn a Lesson English Leah Coles, Alfonso Perugini
April 2013 The Betrayal[1][2] English Reina Marie Cibella, Veronica Nolte, Alfonso Perugini, Tushar Tyagi
May 2013 An Absent Dream English Charlie Cakes, Al Danuzio, Alexia Jordan, Giuseppe Santochirico, Anna Tomasino
June 2013 Lying is done with words also with silence English Reina Marie Cibella, Veronica Nolte, Alfonso Perugini, Tushar Tyagi
August 2013 Inception of a lost art English Alexia Jordan, Philip Lombardo
September 2013 Behind the woman’s eye English Philip Lombardo, Jessica Madelaine, Eric Paterniani, Alfonso Perugini, Teddy Wang
November 2013 Gulabee[3] English Priyanka Charan, Avani Modi, Sanjay Roy, Nishi Singh, Priyank Tatariya

Films as an actor[edit]

Year Film name Language Star cast
January 2013 Enjoying at NYFA[4] English Leah Coles, Paul Leques, Frank Rivera, Tushar Tyagi
January 2013 Looking for Something English Michael Boyle, Leah Coles, Tushar Tyagi
March 2013 Loyalty Chinese, English Owen Hu, Alfonso Perugini, Kexu Song, Tushar Tyagi
April 2013 The Betrayal[5] English Reina Marie Cibella, Veronica Nolte, Alfonso Perugini, Tushar Tyagi

Film as an assistant director[edit]

Year Film name Language Star cast
August 2013 Blind Date English Kelsey Deanne, Pamela Ehn Stewart, Adam Kaster, Reggie Lochard, Hannibal Miles, Samat Turgunbaev
March 2014 The Best Photograph Chinese, English Meredith Antoian, Cobus Cooper Gomes
July 2014 On Golden years English Ranjit Chowdhry, Jyoti Singh, Reeves Lehmann, Shetal Shah, etc.
April 2015 Mr. X Hindi Emraan Hashmi, Amyra Dastur, etc.
July 2016 Dishoom Hindi John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Akshaye Khanna, etc.

Awards and recognition[edit]


  • Indian Cine Film Festival 2014 – Best Screen Play award -[6]
  • Canada International Film Festival, Royal Reel Award in 2014 (Foreign Film Competition)[7]
  • Universal Film festival – Best Cinematography i a Film 2014[8]


  • Louisville's International Festival of Films in Louisville (2014)[9]
  • New York Indian Film Festival, 2014[10][11]
  • Richmond International Film Festival in 2015[12]
  • GNARL Fest of the United Kingdom 2014[13]
  • On The Judges’ Panel for 48 Film Project Baverly Hills, La based Film Festival[14]


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