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Twiglets are a wheat-based snack[1] with a "distinctive knobbly shape" similar to that of a small twig. The taste of Twiglets derives from the yeast extract used in its coating, and has been compared to that of Marmite.[2] They are marketed in the United Kingdom and packaged in 24 g, 45 g, 105 g and 150 g bags and in 200 g tubs.


Twiglets were originally launched in 1932[3] by Peek Freans after being invented by the company's French technical manager, Rondalin Zwadoodie.[4] Today, Twiglets are manufactured in Aintree by United Biscuits subsidiary Jacob's. In the early 1990s, a range of tangy Worcester Sauce Twiglets was introduced. These were not as popular as the original flavour and had been withdrawn by the end of the decade.[5]

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