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Twister (Iced Snack)
Manufacturing Brand Walls (UK), other Unilever Heartbrand internationally
Parent Company Unilever
First year of Manufacture 1982
Constituent Parts Ice cream, flavoured ice, wood
Form Frozen food product; sweet snack
Available Types Twister (original), Mini Twister; Twister Choc
Respective Flavours vanilla, pear, & strawberry; vanilla, chocolate, & caramel
Packaging materials Standard ice cream wrapper: Polyethylene terephthalate or polyvinyl chloride plastics
Nutritional Information - Standard 80ml Twister Original
Energy 85kcal (4%rda)
Sugar 13g (14%rda)
Fat 2g (3%rda)
Saturated Fat 1.5g (8%rda)
Salt Negligible

Twister is an ice cream lollipop on a stick, launched in 1982 and made by Unilever's Heart brand. It is vanilla ice cream and pear flavoured fruit ice on the outside and strawberry fruit ice on the inside and is shaped in a spiral.[1]

A smaller version, the "Mini Twister", is available in multipacks. Some Mini Twisters in each pack have the flavours reversed, so that the strawberry appears on the outside.[2]

A "Twister Choc" variety with a combination of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel flavours is available in the United Kingdom.[citation needed]

In March 2008, Unilever launched a plum and anise flavoured Twister, which lasted only two months before being withdrawn following disappointing sales.[citation needed]

The Twister Coaster ride at the West Midland Safari Park has decorative elements that echo the Twister lolly.[3] The roller coaster is of the Wild Mouse design.


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