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Origin New York City, New York
Genres Hard rock, glam metal
Years active 1987–1996; 2004; 2007; 2008-present
Labels Geffen, Music for Nations, CMC International
Associated acts Vaughn, Waysted
Website http://www.tyketto.de
Members Danny Vaughn
Jimi Kennedy
Michael Clayton
Brooke St. James
Bobby Lynch
Past members Steve Augeri
P.J. Zitarosa
Jamie Scott

Tyketto is a hard rock band based out of New York City. The group was put together in 1987 by former Waysted vocalist Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James (guitar), Jimi Kennedy (bass), and Michael Clayton (drums) completed the lineup.

By 1990, the band had signed to Geffen Records and released their debut album Don't Come Easy, which included the successful single "Forever Young." Musically, the album was somewhere between Whitesnake and Bon Jovi, and Tyketto opened for the former on many bills. However, the rise of the grunge sound in 1991 saw Tyketto's hopes of a big breakthrough begin to recede. Jimi left the band and was replaced by Jamie Scott. Their second album was rejected by Geffen and finally emerged in 1994 under the title Strength in Numbers on CMC International in the USA and Music for Nations elsewhere in the world.

The following year, Vaughn left the band to look after his wife, who had developed cancer, and was replaced by former Tall Stories vocalist Steve Augeri. (Augeri later became lead vocalist for Journey.) This line-up released Shine (which was a departure from their classic sound) in 1995, again on CMC / Music for Nations. However, dwindling audiences and the changing landscape of the rock industry saw the band split up in 1996, releasing the live album Take Out & Served Up Live as a swan song, having never really broken through. The various band members went on to other projects: most notably Vaughn, Clayton, and Scott would reunite in Vaughn. Vaughn would eventually start releasing material under his own name in 2007.

In 2004, Tyketto reformed for a reunion tour with the full original lineup. They played a second set of reunion dates in 2007 and stated at the time that this was the last time the original four members, or any other line up, would ever perform under the Tyketto name. To coincide with the dates the band released an The Last Sunset - Farewell 2007 consisting of alternative versions of previously released songs and unreleased songs unearthed from long forgotten demo tapes.

Despite this announcement, in 2008 Tyketto reformed again for more dates. In April, they played the "Hard In Rio 2" festival in Brazil, and also played four European dates in October 2008 including Firefest. However, due to scheduling conflicts, Brooke St. James was unable to join the band for these dates and was replaced by P.J. Zitarosa, a former member of Vaughn and Danny's solo career backing band.

Tyketto toured Europe in January 2009 and played at the Download Festival in the UK in June 2010. They also played a US show and a worldwide webcast in November 2011. The live worldwide webcast was a fan interactive concert and featured the original line up of Danny Vaughn, Brooke St. James, Michael Clayton, and Jimi Kennedy onstage together for the first time in years, along with their newest member Bobby Lynch on keyboards. The band released their latest album, Dig In Deep, in April 2012 with rave reviews[citation needed].

The European tour that followed the 2012 release of Dig in Deep would be the swansong for original guitarist Brooke St James as touring life no longer appealed but he went out on a high several times over on that tour, none more so than at Firefest, where the band put on arguably at that time the best show of their lives. The search for a suitable replacement for Brooke St James soon found the perfect fit in Chris Green, that rare breed that can both shred and groove whilst looking good doing it. Green joined now permanent keyboard player Ged Rylands to round out Tyketto heading into 2014.

2014 brought with it the 25th anniversary of the band forming and major touring plans and bookings followed along with the release of the band's first DVD entitled Documentally Yours. The first half of the year saw a run of UK dates built around the Hard Rock Hell AOR Festival all of which were used as live prep for the booking on the now prestigious Monsters of Rock Cruise which sailed from Miami in late March. The two shows on the aforementioned cruise would serve as a springboard for several other high-profile booking such was the caliber of the performances put in on board. The latter half of 2014 saw a twelve date, five country run around Europe to round out a stellar year for the band.

The band released their new album 'Reach' on October 14th 2016. The album features bassist Chris Childs in place of Jimi Kennedy and has received excellent reviews.[1]

Current members[edit]

  • Danny Vaughn - Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion (1987-1995, 2004, 2007, 2008-present)
  • Chris Green - Lead guitar, backing vocals (2014–present)
  • Chris Childs - Bass guitar, backing vocals (2015-present)
  • Michael Clayton - Drums, percussion, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2004, 2007, 2008-present)
  • Ged Rylands - Keyboards, backing vocals (2012–present)

Past members[edit]

  • Steve Augeri - Lead vocals (1995-1996)
  • P.J. Zitarosa - Lead guitar, backing vocals (2008-2011)
  • Jamie Scott - Bass guitar, backing vocals (1991-1996)
  • Brooke St. James - Lead guitar, acoustic guitar, coral sitar, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals (1987-1996, 2004, 2007, 2011-2014)
  • Bobby Lynch - Keyboards, backing vocals (2011-2012)
  • Jimi Kennedy - Bass guitar, percussion, backing vocals (1987-1991, 2004, 2007, 2008-2014)


Don't Come Easy (1991)[edit]

  1. Forever Young
  2. Wings
  3. Burning Down Inside
  4. Seasons
  5. Standing Alone
  6. Lay Your Body Down
  7. Walk On Fire
  8. Nothing But Love
  9. Strip Me Down
  10. Sail Away

Strength in Numbers (1994)[edit]

  1. Strength in Numbers
  2. Rescue Me
  3. End of the Summer Days
  4. Ain't That love
  5. Catch My Fall
  6. Last Sunset
  7. All over Me
  8. Write Your Name in the Sky
  9. Meet Me in the Night
  10. Why Do You Cry
  11. Inherit the Wind
  12. Standing Alone (94 remix)

Shine (1995)[edit]

  1. Jamie
  2. Rawthigh
  3. Radio Mary
  4. Get Me There
  5. High
  6. The Ballad of Ruby
  7. Let It Go
  8. Long Cold Winter
  9. I Won't Cry
  10. Shine

Take Out & Served Up Live (1996)[edit]

  1. Forever Young
  2. Drag the River
  3. Tearin' Up the Night
  4. Standing Alone
  5. Wait Forever
  6. Burning Down Inside
  7. Lay Your Body Down
  8. Let It Go
  9. Seasons
  10. Nothin' but Love
  11. Shine
  12. The End of the Summer Days
  13. Get Me There
  14. High
  15. Jaimie

The Last Sunset - Farewell 2007 (2007)[edit]

  1. Can't Fight
  2. Big Wheels
  3. Till the Summer Comes
  4. Calling on You
  5. Is Anybody Watching Me
  6. Walk Away
  7. Bourbon Street (Lay Your Body Down)
  8. Burning Down Inside [Demo]
  9. Everytime
  10. Shadowland
  11. Go for Your Guns
  12. The Last Sunset (Live from Spain, 2004)

Dig In Deep (2012)[edit]

  1. Faithless
  2. Love To Love
  3. Here’s Hoping It Hurts
  4. Battle Lines
  5. The Fight Left In Me
  6. Evaporate
  7. Monday
  8. Dig In Deep
  9. Sound Off
  10. Let This One Slide
  11. This Is How We Say Goodbye
  12. She Was The One (Japanese Bonus Track)

REACH (2016)[edit]

  1. Reach
  2. Big Money
  3. Kick Like a Mule
  4. Circle the Wagons
  5. I Need It Now
  6. Tearing Down the Sky
  7. Letting Go
  8. The Fastest Man Alive
  9. Remember My Name
  10. Sparks Will Fly
  11. Scream
  12. The Run
  13. Precious Little Gets Away (Bonus Track)

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