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Tze Ming Mok (Simplified and Traditional Chinese 莫志明 pinyin: Mò Zhìmíng), born 1978) is a fiction writer and sociopolitical commentator, and has been a prominent New Zealand Asian community advocate. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand, received her degrees at the University of Auckland, and works in human rights and development.

Mok's most prominent period of advocacy for New Zealand Asian, migrant, and New Zealand Chinese communities was the period 2005-2007, during which time her ethnopolitical blog Yellow Peril was featured on the popular New Zealand group blog Public Address, and she wrote an opinion column on race relations and Asia-Pacific issues in New Zealand's national Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Star-Times.

In 2004, she led an anti-racist march to Parliament, Wellington, in response to hate crimes. In 2007 she and other Asian community leaders organised a successful New Zealand Press Council challenge of a magazine article that had been published in the national monthly magazine of note, North & South. The article, 'Asian Angst' by former Member of Parliament Deborah Coddington, was found to be inaccurate and racially discriminatory.


Her poems, stories, reviews, opinions, and journalism have appeared in a range of publications including:

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