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Initial releaseAugust 26, 2002
Stable release
1.8.8 / May 12, 2018; 22 months ago (2018-05-12)[1]
Preview release
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TypeInput method
LicenseBSD license

uim (short for "universal input method") is a multilingual input method framework. Applications can use it through so-called bridges.

Supported applications[edit]

uim supports the X Window System legacy XIM (short for X Input Method) through the uim-xim bridge. Many X applications are written in either GTK+ or Qt, which have their own modules dealing with input methods, and uim supports both of these with its GTK+ and Qt immodules.

uim has a bridge for the console (uim-fep), Emacs (uim.el), and Mac (MacUIM).

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