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Ultima Foods
Founded 1993
Headquarters Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Brands Iögo
Olympic Dairy
Website ultimayog.ca

Ultima Foods Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer and marketer of yogurt and fresh dairy products. Founded in 1993 (with predecessor operations dating to 1971), Ultima Foods is a partnership of Quebec-based dairy company Agropur and Alberta-based Agrifoods International Cooperative Ltd, and has 750 employees across the country.

The company launched the iögo brand of yogurt and fresh dairy products in Canada in mid-August 2012,[1][2] and also owns and operates the Olympic brand of dairy products. Ultima Foods also continues to manufacture (but no longer directly sells) Yoplait-branded products in Canada.


In 1971, the Quebec-based Coopérative agricole de Granby (renamed Agropur in 1979)[3] obtained the Canadian licence to manufacture and market Yoplait products.[4] In 1993, Agropur's yogurt manufacturing and marketing operations were combined with those of Agrifoods, a federal cooperative owned by 2,500 dairy producers in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, forming Ultima Foods.

In 2004, Ultima Foods acquired Olympic Dairy, a manufacturer of premium natural cultured dairy, organic and soy products. For over 30 years, Olympic has produced over 140 different products in a variety of sizes and flavours.[4]

On May 8, 2012, Ultima and Yoplait announced they were restructuring their relationship. As of September 1, 2012, General Mills (the brand's longtime United States licensee, and since 2011 a 50% shareholder in the international Yoplait brand) has taken over as the Canadian licensee of the Yoplait brand. Ultima continues to produce Yoplait-branded products at its Granby, Quebec plant, but these products are now marketed and sold by General Mills.[5]

Simultaneously, Ultima Foods announced plans to begin producing and marketing its own brand of yogurt and fresh dairy products in Canada, starting in mid-August 2012, later revealed to be iögo (pronounced "yo-go").[1] The new product line is, according to Ultima, "entirely created and manufactured in Canada and [includes] a full and original line of products and flavours that suit the tastes of Canadian consumers."[6]


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