Universal Hall Pass

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Universal Hall Pass
Origin United States
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 2001–present
Labels Sneaky Records
Members Melissa Kaplan

Universal Hall Pass is a one-person band based in Los Angeles, California which was first formed in 2001 by Melissa Kaplan, formerly of Splashdown.

Universal Hall Pass' first full-length album, Mercury, was released in 2004, featuring eleven songs. In December, 2006, UHP released a six-song EP entitled Subtle Things, on which Kaplan worked with ex-bandmate Kasson Crooker.

Mercury has topped or been near the top of the "Pop with Electronic Production" chart on MP3tunes for several months [1].


  • Mercury (LP, 2004)
  1. Tutelary Genius
  2. Dragonfly
  3. Misdirected
  4. No One
  5. Katrinah Josephina
  6. Six-Step Dragon
  7. Avatar
  8. Solar/Lunar
  9. Special Agent
  10. Quiet Use Of Charm
  11. Outro
  • Subtle Things (EP, 2006)
  1. Sally's Song
  2. Cave Radio
  3. Forms of Imprisonment
  4. Avatar (Tragic Chorus Remix)
  5. Dragonfly (Scarce Chaser Remix)
  6. No One (CIFR Remix)

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