National University of Callao

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National University of Callao
Universidad Nacional del Callao
Seal of the National University of Callao
Motto Ciencia y Tecnología rumbo al tercer milenio
Type Public University
Established 1966
Rector Baldo Andrés Olivares Choque
Location Bellavista, Callao,  Peru
Campus Urban

The National University of Callao is a post-secondary institution in the Bellavista District of the Constitutional Province of Callao in the country of Peru. It was established on 2 September 1966.

This scholarly institute retains its original technical character, unique to Peru. The University has maintained its technical character, and has grown to eleven departments, fifteen professional schools, and a postgraduate school.


Universidad Nacional del Callao.

The university had in 1967 the following departments:

  • Hydrobiological and fishing research
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Naval, industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineering
  • Economic and administrative sciences.

Now, in 2015, the UNAC has 11 Faculties and 17 careers:

  • Fishing & Food Engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering. (named "Faculty of Mechanical & Energy Engineering").
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • Industrial & Systems Engineering.
  • Chemistry Engineering.
  • Accountancy.
  • Economics.
  • Management.
  • Nursing.
  • Physical Education
  • Faculty of Science (Mathematics & Physics).
  • Environmental engineering.

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