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Editor Ahsan Habib
Categories Satirical magazine
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 10,000–12,000
Founder Ishtiaq Hossain, Kazi Khaleed Ashraf
First issue November 1978; 38 years ago (1978-11)
Company Unmad
Country Bangladesh
Language Bangla
OCLC number 948759641

Unmad, the Sanskrit word for mad or insane, has been used as the name of a monthly satire magazine in Bangladesh.[1] The magazine was founded by Ishtiaq Hossain and Kazi Khaleed Ashraf in 1978[2] and tries to ape MAD Magazine.[3] Bangladeshi cartoonist Ahsan Habib is its present chief editor.

Applications for iPhone and Android of the magazine was launched on April 9, 2013 by Reverie Corporation Limited.[4][5]


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