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Chernyayevsky Forest

The total area of urban forests of Perm in 2006 was 33,890 ha (338.90 km2). They are controlled by the Perm urban forestry commission (Russian: Муниципальное учреждение «Пермский городской лесхоз»). On September 5, 2005 by Order #400-P of the governor of Perm Oblast, control over the local urban forests was transferred from federal forestries to the city.[1]

In 2005 the Perm municipal urban forestry commission reported taking the following measures:

  • Gathering of wind-fallen trees and deadfalls in Chernyayevsky Forest over an area of 11 ha.
  • Gathering of rubbish over an area of 54 ha.
  • Maintenance of forest over an area of 6 ha.
  • Some 3.5 ha of pine-trees were planted in Chernyayevsky Forest
  • Measures were taken in biological forest pestscontrol; artificial nests were placed:
  • 18 violations were noted, files were transferred to the MVD and Rosprirodnadzor (Russian nature inspection).
  • 18 barriers were installed to prevent cars from entering Chernyayevsky Forest.
  • 16 forest fires were extinguished.

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