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Urvastõ (in Võro)
Urvaste church
Urvaste church
Urvaste is located in Estonia
Location in Estonia
Coordinates: 57°54′54″N 26°35′00″E / 57.91500°N 26.58333°E / 57.91500; 26.58333Coordinates: 57°54′54″N 26°35′00″E / 57.91500°N 26.58333°E / 57.91500; 26.58333
Country Estonia
CountyVõrumaa lipp.svg Võru County
MunicipalityUrvaste valla lipp.gif Antsla Parish
 (01.01.2012 [1])
 • Total1 231

Urvaste (Võro: Urvastõ) is a village in Antsla Parish, Võru County, in southeastern Estonia. It has a population of 1 231 (01.01.2012).[1]

Urvaste church dates from the early 14th century and is the only medieval rural church in Estonia built in the form of a basilica. The interior dates mainly from the late 19th century.[2]

Tamme-Lauri oak, the thickest and oldest tree in Estonia, is located near Urvaste.

Marie Heiberg had some of her education in the village and A memorial to Marie Heiberg which includes a bust of her has been erected beside the church in Urvaste.[3]

Urvaste kihelkonnakirik.jpg


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