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My name is Don,..... I am a loser (Cajun), Canadian. I live on the West Coast of Canada with my Dog. I have 2 boys (both techies, one with his own business) and three grand-children. I use the Web to gather and put out information and try and respect other people's opinion and now on Wikipedia, I insist that all our institutions adhere to a protocol of "truth and the whole truth"...That is why I enjoy Wikipedia. It is finallly the "equalization" of the flow of information and the empowerment of the last disempowered estate: the common person. Marshall Mcluhan would be proud....We don't have to "get fooled again"

I have worked in the Information sector and more speicifically in the environmental information dessimination sector (not cause driven protest group). We were on-line when the Internet was only ASCII (before Greenpeace) with the largest database of information on Pesticides (sources: Government, Academia, corporations).

I was executive director of a Information Center where we had colums in 2 newspapers for many years. We had a Audio-visual department and produced a Monthly Talk Show (Community Forum) for many years (I researched and hosted). We had a Desktop Publishing service and published a Monthly Magazine. We also had a Library for Information on the Environment (not only the green environment but the societal environment where we won awards for Community Animation. We were a bridge between many polarized groups and issues.

I have started many other non-profit societies for information dissimination, protection of the dis-enfranchised. I organized two unions to empower my women co-workers who were paid less that I was. I am now dis-abled (some part could? be due to my un-protected exposure to many toxic sites and pesticide abuses, that we exposed ie filmed)

Information will set us free! Let us do it in a civilized and respectful manner!


SOME OF MY AWARDS AND CITATIONS (for service to country, citizens and the planet)[edit]

Governor General of Canada (Medal and citation for Service to Country and Citizens)

Prime Minister of Canada (for service to county and citizens)

United Way (Chairing many committes for many years)

BC-Yukon Television Programmer's Association (Producing and hosting a monthly one-hour Television talk show (Community Forum, all-candidate debates, ) with guests and live audience for many years)

Air Canada and Local Newspapers (Heart of Gold Award...voted by the community)

Premier of New Brunswick (Penning and recording songs that depict Acadian culture and history)

Many others: Mayors (chaired and sat on many committees of Council, Chaired for many years the United Towns Organization, as a committee of Council (International Organization with consultative status at UNESCO as a complement to United Nations, we had four sister-cities, Schools (chaired committees, and volunteered for events), Non-Profit Organizations (Services and Time), Events (Timmy's Telethon, Mayors African Famine Campaign, Special Olympics, etc... too many to list

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