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Hello everyone, welcome to my user page. You can call me A Raider Like Indiana, or Raider. For me, joining Wikipedia was a great opportunity to help out others and get to share my knowledge of different Wikipedia articles. I first laid my eye on Wikipedia in the summer of 2004. Since then, I did not join. Instead, I was anonymous under my static IP Address until I registered on April 3, 2007. Furthermore, for those who wonder why I hesitated to join and waited a few years; I did not have the time and for me, it wasn't worth it. But, of course that changed when I found out the numerous of opportunities Wikipedia and the Wikimedia foundation had for their registered users.

I joined the Wikipedia 1.0 Editorial team in July 20, 2007; to help improve the work of the core articles. The WP ads are now located on top of my page.Indy hat.gif


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ESU Your major 100% for major edits and Your minor 100% for minor edits. – Last update: 12:14, 5 April 2008 (UTC).


Articles Im currently watching/editing

I "protect" Wikipedia by reporting trolls, and revert vandalism; and of course:

  • Maintaining all Microsoft Windows related articles clean and up to date as possible
  • Help promote Chicago Bears articles to good status
  • Clean and maintain Star Wars articles
  • Help maintain the Wikipedia Core articles
  • Help with promoting Episode VI to featured article
  • Rollback vandalism around Wikipedia and help others stop vandals.


Here are some of the users I have voted for in the past few months:
Black Falcon 82/0/0 :: Successful
Acalamari 104/1/1 :: Successful
TeckWiz (Now known as R) 25/12/5 :: Unsuccessful.
Scott5114 61/0/3 :: Successful
EyeSerene 70/1/1
Slgrandson 28/11/2

Barnstars and Extras

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Orginial Barnstar
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Thank you for all your excellent edits to all the Fergie (singer)-related articles. Keep it up; your edits are appreciated. :) Acalamari 01:49, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
Working Man's Barnstar
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For all your edits towards the Microsoft Windows articles. Especially Windows 2000. Thanks

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