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Constitution Books
GenrePublic-domain e-books (through Amazon KDP)
Founded2011 (officially launched in 2012)
Area served
ProductsPublic-domain reprints (Gadsby &c.)
Production output
First official release in October 2012; 8 titles scheduled for 2013
OwnerReginald Routhwick (a.k.a Slgrandson)
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Hello. My name is Dylan, also known as Slgrandson on select MediaWiki sites, and by my initials at IMDb and elsewhere. I am 26 years of age, and now live in Waterbury, Connecticut. I used to live near my home suburb of Stock Farm located in Roseau, the Commonwealth of Dominica, with my two sisters, a granny and a great-grandma, as well as my daddy, and edited for almost three months in the Bronx of New York City.

I am named after my family relation, a contraction of the phrase "Sylvie Lewis' grandson" (the first two letters are her initials). I am among only a handful of Wikipedia members to come out of Dominica, out of a few dozen more from the Caribbean region.

Though I've taken to articles on obscure topics when I can, I'm not quite here often anymore. As you can see from the infobox I've just added, I've gotten into the PD reprint business lately. Which partly explains my recent ongoing lack of activity on WP...and the way my edit total has flourished on Wikisource.

At this writing, three books of poetry await the Amazon kiosks: one by William Wordsworth, another by Edmund Clarence Stedman, and the third (The Wonderful Fairies of the Sun) by Gadsby author Ernest Vincent Wright.

Special pages[edit]

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Today's news[edit]

Ural Airlines Airbus A321 in 2013
Ural Airlines Airbus A321 in 2013

Today's snapshot[edit]

Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017

The solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, was a total solar eclipse visible within a band that spanned the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts. As a partial solar eclipse, it was visible on land from Nunavut in northern Canada to as far south as northern South America. In Africa and northwestern Europe, it was partially visible in the late evening. In Asia, it was visible only at the eastern extremity, the Chukchi Peninsula. Prior to this event, no solar eclipse had been visible across the entire contiguous United States since June 8, 1918; not since the February 1979 eclipse had a total eclipse been visible from anywhere in the mainland United States. The path of totality, up to about 70 miles (110 km) wide, touched 14 states, while the rest of the U.S. experienced a partial eclipse.

This picture shows the solar eclipse during totality as seen from outside Crowheart, Wyoming; the photograph uses exposure bracketing to show both the Sun's corona and the surface features of the new moon itself, illuminated by earthshine. A few solar prominences are visible around the lunar limb.

Photograph credit: Michael S. Adler

My statistics (edit #10,000)[edit]

First edit February 23, 2005
(3:19 p.m. AST)
Contributions 10,000[nb 1]
Unique pages edited 6,135
Average edits/page 1.86
Edits by namespace
(Ties are broken in favour of the most recently-edited namespace.)
Namespace Edits Percentage
Articles 4205 42.09%
User talk 2765 27.67%
Wikipedia 1259 12.60%
Talk 834 8.35%
User 613 6.14%
Template 112 1.12%
File 94 0.94%
Wikipedia talk 33 0.33%
Template talk 23 0.23%
Category 23 0.23%
Portal 8 0.08%
Help 8 0.08%
MediaWiki talk 4 0.04%
File talk 3 0.03%
Help talk 3 0.03%
Portal talk 2 0.02%
Category talk 2 0.02%

Milestone edit: 139th support on WP:Requests for adminship/VernoWhitney (November 10, 2010)

  1. ^ From X!'s tool; tabulating the statistics below, this is actually nine edits short of the milestone. The number is based on the "Live edits" displayed on the page.