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DeSL Software
Privately Held
Industry Fashion/PLM Software
Founded 2002
Headquarters Cardiff, Wales, U.K.
Products PLM, ERP, CRM, SRM, S&OP, WMS, E-Commerce, Adobe Illustrator Integration.
Number of employees

DeSL (Discover E-Solutions) is a global company delivering integrated web based solutions for the Fashion, Apparel, Textile and Footwear sectors. It is the only Gold Certified Microsoft Partner delivering web based software solutions to the Fashion & Consumer Goods sectors and is one of the few companies to deliver solutions built entirely using Microsoft.Net.

The company has been servicing Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Textile sectors since 2002 and has customers in UK, USA, Western Europe, Scandinavia, China, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Mauritius, Bangladesh and Morocco. It is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales.

DeSL specialises in PLM, ERP, CRM, SRM, S&OP, WMS, E-Commerce and Adobe Illustrator Integration. The latest version of the Adobe Illustrator Integration application and version 4.0 of its PLM, ERP, CRM, SRM and E-Commerce products were released in late 2011.[1]


DeSL began in 2002 when Mr Marks, originally from Buckinghamshire, teamed up with Dave Richards, brought up and educated in Cardiff. The business began life in the @Wales business incubation centre; the pair had experience of the clothing industry and were convinced there was a niche in the market for a new model of supply chain software.[2]

In 2004, DeSL developed its first PLM Solution, attracting clients from the United States, Europe and UK. Over the next few years the company expanded rapidly, taking on clients across the Middle East and Asia. 2008 saw DeSL release version 3.0 of its software and gain Microsoft Gold Certification.

In October 2009, the most recent software was independently reviewed by WhichPlm who awarded it the highest score they’d ever given, placing DeSL’s software atop their ranking of leading software applications.[3]

In 2011, DeSL released version 4.0 of their software along with an update to the Illustrator Integration. This new release included upgrades like 3D product visualization, supplier/vendor compliance management, and the ability to import data directly from PDFs and spreadsheets. Full, real-time integration with Adobe Illustrator has also enabled designers to create products, tech packs, BOMs and sample requests, all from their Illustrator workspace.[4]

2012 marked the 5th consecutive year of DeSL's Microsoft gold partner status.


PLM - Product Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacture, to service and disposal.[5] DeSL’s solution is one of the only 100% web based applications available today. It is developed specifically to meet the particular demands of the Fashion, Apparel and Footwear sectors.

ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning ties together a company’s different business systems and workflow processes to gain business intelligence, improve workflow, gain greater control and reduce costs.[6] DeSL’s solution enables users to create a ‘web based software spine’ covering all business processes, people, customers, suppliers and partners in a complete collaborative and proactive network.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy directed to understand, anticipate and respond to the needs of an enterprise's current and potential customers in order to grow the relationship value.[7] DeSL’s CRM solution is a totally integrated solution for managing prospects, customers & sales teams but in addition also handles the entire sales order processing cycle, from sales order quotation right through to invoice creation.

SRM - Supplier Relationship Management is a comprehensive approach to managing an enterprise's interactions with the organizations that supply the goods and services it uses. .[8] DeSL’s SRM solution covers initial sourcing, intelligence gathering, supplier quotations, production planning, purchase order progress tracking, right through to compliance auditing: All performed in a totally collaborative, web based manner.

S&OP - DeSL's Sales and Operations Planning provides effective means of planning and forecasting sales to help ensure that an organisation can define and meet it corporate goals and objectives. Converting the sales plan into a meaningful operations plan is vital to ensure that the actual sales can be satisfied. .[9]

e-Commerce - DeSL’s e-Commerce application is totally integrated to other modules including Product Lifecycle Management (full product details, images, collections, prices, colours, sizes, volumes, calories etc), Customer Relationship Management (campaigns, customer accounts, credit checking, credit card payments, order creation, order confirmations, quotations, stock allocation etc) and Warehousing (available stock, picking, packing, dispatch, invoicing etc).

Adobe Illustrator integration – DeSL’s Illustrator Integration solution enables designers to perform all their PLM tasks without having to leave Illustrator hence reducing the time taken to manage images, create products, update tech packs and request samples.


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