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Aaron B. Hockley[edit]

I'm just another geek, living in Vancouver, Washington with my wife, daughter, and a couple of yellow labs. I work doing software quality assurance for a company that develops enterprise monitoring and reporting systems for managing Windows and *nix server systems.

For fun, I enjoy photography, technology, and railroad-related history and information. On weekends I can be found chasing trains and taking photographs. I spend a lot of time in discussion on where I help out as a moderator.

Most of my day-to-day railroad photography and motive power news and discussion gets posted to Dogcaught: Illustrations of Pacific Northwest Railroading - check it out!

Contact Information[edit]

I'm really not hard to find... drop me an e-mail at or shoot me a note on Google Talk at the same address.

My Wikipedia Life[edit]

I've used Wikipedia as a reference for years and finally got around to joining and contributing. I believe that through the community process, useful knowledge will bubble to the top and be available for all. Most of my contributions related to my railroad hobby although I participate in any area that I can.

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My ToDo List[edit]