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Agar plate with colonies.jpgThis user is a member of WikiProject Microbiology.

Hi there! For the most part, I try to improve coverage of microbiology-related topics here on Wikipedia. I do that under the umbrella of Wikipedia:WikiProject_Microbiology which covers about 14,000 articles (~10,000 of which are stubs), so there's a lot to do. If you're interested in doing the same, feel free to join in! Not sure where to start? Post on the project page (or on my talk page) and we'll chat about it! Similarly, if there's some way I can help with whatever you're doing, let me know.

Recently I've also started playing with some of the various backlogs that are accumulating around here. This means I'm frequently looking at topics I know nothing about. When I make mistakes in that capacity, feel free to send me back to the microbiology articles. Happy editing!

Articles I've substantially contributed to[edit]

Microbes, et al.[edit]

Academics (some of which are pretty stubby)[edit]

Good article reviews[edit]

Articles I've reviewed that others did the heavy lifting on. If they're good, blame the nominators, et al. If they're lousy, blame me.