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This page is about Wikipedia:Find-A-Grave famous people.

Things I want to keep notes of.. things to do, techniques for getting them done fast:


  • I like working on all lists in chunks of 25 or less. Breaking them at 3-letter, or sometimes 4-letter, prefixes makes a lot of progress towards that; if sections remain long, I insert random breaks with intelligent names like "Break 1".
  • Pruning a list takes about 30 seconds per name. Method: Show page in Firefox, use ctrl-click to open Wikipedia entry and F-A-G entry in two different tabs, delete or disambiguate. Then use "close other tabs" to get rid of the tabs. I do them 2 people at a time. Then use the "preview" button to refresh the page, so you don't have to save every edit. I never move things at this stage.
  • {{findagrave}} needs defending. It has been deleted at least once. There also used to be {{tl|Find A Grave}}, which was be merged using a bot.
  • For researching, I like to append {{search}} to the name. Irritation: Have to manually supply + instead of space in the parameter. Then I make a note on the same line on what the person is famous for; this helps sorting. The "search" box has been done by a script for all pages now.
  • Once I have the reason-for-fame in the page, I can do the sorting into "possibly non-notable" in one giant edit. Keeping two browser windows open (one on the "possibly non-notable" section and one on the section under consideration) works, as long as nobody touches the "possibly non-notable" section while working.

Translated articles[edit]

Quite a few people have articles on other Wikipedias. Then it's possible to create an extreme stub (fast), and use {{Expand Spanish}} or similar to indicate that content exists to be copied. I've tried this on:

As of May 2012, at least some of them have been signifcantly expanded.

For actors, it's a good idea to add the IMDB link in addition to the Find-A-Grave link.


  • Most Civil War officers are not notable. In particular, "brevet general" was a title handed out like candy to anyone who managed to command something for 10 minutes and didn't shoot himself in the foot.
  • I've let myself be overruled by WP:MILMOS#NOTE: Congressional Medal of Honor awardees are inherently notable. Being brave once and getting noticed doesn't seem like a good criterion for me, but it's the nation's highest decoration, and as such, WP:MIL has asserted inherent notability.
  • If someone's created an article on something I consider non-notable... not a problem, as long as it's sourced.
  • Find-A-Grave is NOT a reliable source, and should not be listed under "sources" in an article. I often add information from it to the article (particularly YOB if it's missing), but that information should be regarded as "not verified". But when I do this, I *always* add F-A-G to "external links". Compromise...


Some other people who work on F-A-G: