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Hi, I'm Alyandra, hailing from a sleepy small village in Switzerland. I'm currently enrolled in an international school (since fall 2005, to be precise), and hope to take my Matura exams in approximately 2 years.

My future plans include studying Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, or History in an American college, living in New Zealand for a couple of years, writing a novel and being a successful screenwriter/playwright (one can hope, right?)

I've mainly registered to polish up some of the rather sorry-looking entries about shows of the production company Cloud 9 (most notably my favourite TV show The Tribe), as well as some of the actors featuring in them. I'm also intending to add to articles about various bands, movies, pieces of literature and Swiss culture and language.

Article Contributions[edit]

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  • Entertainment
    • The Tribe - In this article I've mostly edited what was already there, trying to make the language more concise and the information more comprehensive. Right now I'm working on detailed character descriptions.

Article Creations[edit]

  • People
    • Meryl Cassie - What more to say? Captivating actress, unfortunately not acting at present
    • Megan Alatini - More created to complement the Meryl article than anything else
    • Michael Wesley-Smith - Another Tribe actor
    • Raymond Thompson - I'll never forget that this guy brought us three wonderful seasons of TT

To-do list[edit]

  • Add a section about the Swiss Matura in the Matura article
  • Write an article about Fasnacht
  • Clean up the Ursula Andress article
  • Add pictures to several actors' pages
  • Add a page for every writer, musician, philosopher and artist on the List of Swiss people that don't have one yet