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AmberAlert1713, (born March 1987), is a current student at Colgate University and graduate of Gonzaga College High School. Shortening his name to "Amber" is convenient and quite common, but sometimes criticized for causing confusion, as he is male. For the purposes of this article he will be referred to by his given name, Riley, though it may be noted that "Riley" is occasionally a female name as well.

College life[edit]

  • Though against University policy, Riley has a female roommate. He has often said that living with the constant threat of Colgate discovering this adds excitement to his life and makes him feel like a secret agent.
  • Riley is a member of ΦΔΘ

The mayo debate[edit]

  • Riley does not know how mayonnaise got in the common shower, but he suspects his roommate may be responsible, as it strikes him as "the kinky kinda stuff her brain might come up with".


"The Life of Riley" was mostly devoid of music, but developed a critically acclaimed soundtrack around its 17th season, featuring artists:

Imogen Heap
Regina Spektor
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Fiona Apple
Sufjan Stevens

The soundtrack is available for overnight shipping on through Rhino Records; more info can be found at


  • Enjoys indie music but despises the O.C.
  • Is gay but often heard imploring Natalie Portman, Emmy Rossum, Uma Thurman and/or Keira Knightly to marry him.
  • Believes in Theistic Evolution.
  • Hypocritically dislikes hypocrites


Amber loves the semicolon almost as much as he loves the ampersand Semicolons can be intimidating; however, once you know how to use them you are well on your way to constructing better sentences. Check out the wikipedia page for a very quick crash-course.

Here are some semicolons:

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Feel free to take one or two for your own personal usage; I have more than enough of my own.