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This is a small list of languages that I know, am learning, or wish to learn more about.


  • English


  • Spanish


  • Bulgarian
  • Arabic

Programming Languages[edit]

This is a table that consists of all the computer programming languages that I know, and they are grouped by how experienced I am with them. I know the most about Java and have a lot of fun working on programming projects. The development environment I use for Java is Eclipse. I also use the PyDev environment for Python, which is the next language I am most experienced with.

Advanced Intermediate Beginner
Assembly Ada C++
BASIC AspectJ C#
LaTeX CSS Ajax
Python Flex Emacs Lisp
XML Hibernate GNU E
-- JavaScript Groovy
-- PHP JavaFX Script
-- Prolog Joule
-- Visual Prolog Lisp
-- Visual Basic Lynx
-- -- Mercury
-- -- Moby
-- -- Objective-J
-- -- Opal
-- -- Pascal
-- -- POP-11
-- -- PEARL
-- -- Ruby
-- -- S/SL
-- -- TADS

Useful Links[edit]