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"I am first and foremost, an editor." - Runes Welsh

The One Featured Article (1FA) criterion is the new standard that Mailer Diablo will be using as the standard for voting in Requests for Adminship, effective from 21 May2006. First started by User:Jguk, it states that "The candidate must have helped get at least one article up to featured article status." With exceptions as laid out below, support will be automatically given to any editor's application who fulfills this criterion. No minimum edit count or time is additionally required.


Wikipedia is essentially an encyclopedia, and should be managed by editors who have demonstrated exemplary skills in keeping it as such. By meeting this criteria, the editor has shown his/her ability of :

  • Understanding what is an encyclopaedia
  • Making significant contributions to the Wikipedia namespace
  • Liaising and collaborate constructively with other Wikipedians
  • Perseverance under criticisms and stress (FACs can be particularly brutal)
  • Knowing how articles should be written, as set out in the FA criteria
  • Knowledge in making Wikipedia a more credible source of information

...And finally, to force myself to look through your contributions in general, which I previously have not. =P


The negative exception, which earns an opposition to your adminship despite fulfilling the criteria, is as of follows :

The positive exception, which earns a neutral (in rare cases, support) vote to your adminship despite not fulfilling the criteria, is as of follows :


  • Articles that are already featured are generally not considered.
  • Featured list(s), Featured portal(s) as a substitute is accepted, but usually not pictures (which may be more for Commons!)
  • If you believe that I have opposed you in error, and have contributed significantly in bringing an article to featured status, do leave a message on my talkpage with an explanation, and I will more than happy to reconsider.

Odd vote?[edit]

Please do not take it personally I have opposed you under this criteria, especially if it turns out to be that odd vote in the RfA. This is done in good faith, and Mailer Diablo wishes all the best to all RfA candidates regardless of outcome.

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