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Adam Nicholas Paul
Madison, WI Capitol Tree Lighting December 4, 2018
Born (1985-03-23) March 23, 1985 (age 39)
St. Mary's Hospital (Madison, Wisconsin)
Global citizenship
EducationUniversity of San Francisco
Business Entrepreneurship
International Studies
Global Politics

Adam Nicholas Paul[edit]

Early life[edit]

Adam grew up in a lakeside home across from Madison's downtown skyline, crowned by its capitol, on the largest of the five Madison lakes, Lake Mendota. He attended school at the Waunakee Community School District, graduating from its high school in 2003.


Adams parents both worked in the public sector. His father was the Chief Legal Counsel for the state Department of Public Instruction, and his mother was a Dane County Public Health Nurse. His older brother by ten years is a contractor, permaculturist, and bee keeper, living in California. Adam's mother died from Ovarian cancer in 2006 at age 56.


In the autumn of 2003 Adam began studying Business at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. Two years later he transferred to the University of San Francisco where he continued his studies in Business, studying in the concentrated field of Entrepreneurship.

With a growing appetite for more knowledge of International Studies, Adam added an additional major in International Relations Global Politics with a regional emphasis in Latin America and Middle East Studies.

After four and a half years, in December 2007, Adam graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship and International Relations.


Following graduation Adam journeyed on a bicycle trip that turned into a cross-country adventure. Leaving San Francisco on New Years Eve of 2008, riding down the coast, reaching Los Angeles in a months time. It would be eleven months before he returned to Madison. Along the way he wrote a journal, which led to a self-published novel in 2012 about the adventure called Ridin' N' Coastin' Coast to Coast.

Five months later Adam was in Barcelona, Spain, obtaining a certificate in teaching English as a secondary language. Just over a month of intensive course work, he received a Trinity CertTESOL from Oxford Tefl.

By August of 2009 Adam traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to begin a job teaching sixth and seventh graders at South West Academy. He would stay for two years, teaching the same kids in their next respective academic year. With the seventh graders they read The BFG and with the eighth graders they read Hatchet.

Adam returned to Madison in the late summer of 2011, whereupon he and his father undertook editing his finished manuscript about his 2008 bicycle adventure that he completed while in Ethiopia. They completed the work by the end of the year, and Adam created his own publishing company called Ugovi Publishing to self-publish the book, Ridin' N' Coastin' Coast to Coast.

Since he was going to spend time promoting a book, Adam thought he mind as well promote some music too. While house and dog sitting for an old neighbor on Lake Mendota, Adam produced his debut album entitled Too Tiny to Squish. He spent much of 2012 traveling the country to promote his book and music. Without much success, he returned to Madison for the winter.

The spring of 2013, April, his father sold the lake house, and Adam ventured once more overseas to teach English. This time in Xiamen, China, however he had wished to teach in Brazil, but the recruiters of the company English First whom hired him misled him and told him they didn't have any schools in Brazil. He wanted to teach English, learn Portuguese and experience the 2018 Brazilian World Cup, but in a bind for time and money, Adam took the job in China. A few months later he learned via an internal company publication that English First had several schools in Brazil.

After four months in China, he returned to the States, and began working as a clerk for the United States Postal Service in San Francisco at one of the busiest stations in the city. Seven months later, he arranged to return to Ethiopia to teach his students whom would be eleventh and twelfth graders. Before flying to Ethiopia he spent the summer, three months in Milwaukee.

Upon arrival in Ethiopia, August 2014, Adam experienced bureaucratic problems that would keep him from teaching the kids he had returned to teach. Adapting to the situation he took on a new batch of fifth and eighth graders for one quarter. While working he pursued another English teaching position in another country, Russia.

At the end of November 2014, Adam arrived in Volgograd, where he would call home for the next year, teaching English to an array of students, kids and adults, at the FLC-Reward private language school. Including numerous intensive overnight English camps. He even acted as Santa Clause for multiple holiday programs.

A year later, Adam moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, to teach for nine more months before returning to the States in July of 2016. He had always wanted to visit St. Petersburg since he was a child.

Adam returned to the States in July 2016 and began living in downtown Madison. He worked in the food service industry for three years. He also worked a second job for a non-profit which works to support and improve the business environment in downtown Madison.

On January 17, 2020, he proclaimed to contend for the 2020 Republican nomination for President, but it seems the proclamation fell on deaf ears, media, investigative journalism and, or, sealed lips.

He was contacted by only one media organization in regard to his Presidential ambition. It was a radio station in Michigan, of which he did a short on-air interview.

From 2020 to 2022 Adam served as a caretaker for his Father who has Parkinson's disease.

In 2022 he contended as an Independent for the US Senate seat of Wisconsin, of which he was the only qualified write-in candidate. He wasn't contacted by any national or local media. However, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) contacted and interviewed him.

On May 4, 2023 Adam registered as an Independent candidate for US President with the Federal Election Commission