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JSC Atomenergoexport is a Russian company. Exporter of isotope products. It is a former engineering company.


JSC Atomenergoexport was established as early as in 1973, in the Soviet Union. For several decades the company had been one of the key players in the market of nuclear power plants construction. The objects of the company were securing and coordination of works on implementation of intergovernmental agreements on cooperation in the area of nuclear power energy.

JSC Atomenergoexport is the member of The Guild of Logistic operators of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and industry. The management system conforms to ISO 9001:2000.

The contribution of company into industrial development and international trade was denoted in 1980 by the Gold Mercury International Award.


JSC Atomenergoexport has built 31 NPP units with the total capacity of 16.6 mln. kW:[1]

JSC Atomenergoexport took part in the construction of Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant. In 1977, the first PWR was constructed. In 1981 the second PWR was constructed.[4]

JSC Atomenergoexport took part in the construction of Paks Nuclear Power Plant in 1974.[5]

In 2006, JSC Atomenergoexport was considering the possibility of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant privatization, in the construction of which they participated directly.[6]

JSC Atomenergoexport took part in the construction of Nogent Nuclear Power Plant (1981-1987). The company manufactured pressurized water reactors (PWRs) for Nogent NPP.[7]

JSC Atomenergoexport took part in the construction of cyclotron center in Bratislava, Slovakia. The total cost of the project is US$133 million.[8]

For political reasons large constructions were ceased:

In 1983, JSC Atomenergoexport began work on Cuba's two pressurized light water reactors(PWRs). Identical models, either unit has a net capacity of 408 net megawatts (electric). To encourage an export market, the Soviets incorporated new safety features.[9]

The Juragua Nuclear Power Plant was under construction from 1983 to 1992. The Plant has two reactors, designed by soviet nuclear specialists and imported from JSC Atomenergoexport. The plant was cancelled after collapse of the soviet union.

In February 1982, an agreement with Libyan government was achieved and the contract was signed for NPP construction in Sirte city. The project was not implemented due to the complicated political situation in Libya.[10]

In September 1993, JSC Atomenergoexport and Chinese customers have agreed the contract for development of a feasibility study on site selection for NPP, which was to be constructed in Liaoning province according to Russian technology and with Russian equipment – relevant Russian and China intergovernmental agreement was signed.[11]

The last project of JSC Atomenergoexport was designing and commissioning of co-generation plant at the beginning of 2011 in Dobrush, Belarusian.

JSC Atomenergoexport concluded a contract with the Croatian company "CROATIA PUMPE NOVA".[12]


In March 2003, "OMZ company" purchased 19.9% of JSC Atomenergoexport shares.

As a result of reengineering in 2012, the company Atomenergoexport ltd, which up to that moment had been an intrastructural subdivision of JSC Atomenergoexport, started its independent commercial activity. Sazonov D.V., who had been in the Border of Directors, was appointed as Director General. Export of isotopic products became the main activity of company,[13]


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