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Justin Felder (Attitude 2000) standing in the Student Life and Community Center at OC Tech in Orangeburg (circa 2003)

Real Name: Justin Felder
Birthplace: Orangeburg, South Carolina
Resides: Bowman, South Carolina
Born: January 8, 1985
Justin (talkcontribs)

About Me[edit]

I'm from Bowman, South Carolina, but I was born in Orangeburg because there is no hospital in Bowman. I've been here all my life, traveling as far south as Orlando, Florida (Disney World, 7), and as far north as Raleigh, North Carolina (airport drop-off). I went to Bowman Elementary, and graduated from Bowman High.


Sports, watching movies, television, listening to music, writing, playing video games.


I try to add what I know to be true if it's not in an article already, and most of the time resist the urge to modify something because of my bias. I also make attempts to correct errors and organize things if I'm not feeling lazy at the time. As you can probably tell in my contributions, I'm not a huge fan of the "show preview" button.

Significant Contributions/Creations[edit]

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