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Tai Man Jo ceremony at the 35th Anniversary celebration of Terry Lim's Loong Fu Pai Academy

Hello there! Bienvenido![edit]

My interests and hobbies are in Martial Arts as is reflected by my username.

References for Wikipedia[edit]

As a rule which I stick to 100% and I think everyone should, Every sentence I write in any articles has been published in credible news sources or government websites. It's important not to copy word for word or cut and paste.

Note: that Wikipedia does not allow links to scanned of screenshotted print news articles which are not on the site of the organisation that published it.

Below are the pages that I have created, even though I don't have anything to do with beauty pageants I have created a few pages on them because nobody was able to write them.

Pages created[edit]

Pages redone and referenced[edit]