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Aucahuasi (Quechua: Awkawasi; "Military Housing") is a quechuan surname which my mother inherited from the Inca Empire and so do I since I am her descendant.

About me[edit]

Hi everyone! I am a wikipedian who was born in August 25, 1986 in the city of Lima, the largest city in Peru, where I've been living in Breña, a neighbourhood close to downtown Lima, so I can get there by walk.

I'm upgrading my english so I will be able to increase my contributions which mostly deal with Peru related subjects and architecture.

About my studies[edit]

When I was 17 I enrolled in the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería to follow undergraduate studies of architecture in the Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Artes,[1] where I expect I will graduate in 2009.

About Wikipedia[edit]

I made my first official edit in November 26th 2006; however, I have not made as many contributions in here as I did in the Spanish Wikipedia. My interest is to increase the information and articles about peruvian architecture, for example: peruvian architects, buildings in Peru, peruvian architecture history, etc. But I still have not enough time and resources to do so. Meanwhile I will be doing minor edits and trying to do my best with the improvement of some articles.

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