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Hi. I'm currently a high-school student at the Senior College of New Zealand in Auckland, New Zealand, though I'm planning to start a degree at the University of Auckland next year. I took a little break from editing Wikipedia between December 2004 and August 27, 2005; I'm still taking something of a break, but I may make a few edits here and there occasionally. I do a few things on Wikipedia, but many of the edits I make are vandalism-related or copyedits. In general, I consider myself an eventualist and inclusionist; though I may sometimes appear to respond harshly to new pages or edits, it's far more likely that I'm simply not yet familiar enough with the Wikipedia policy to make the correct decision, and so I follow the path of least resistance.

Some subjects that I like to pretend I know a little about are chemistry (to a basic level); computer science (to a basic level); mathematics (to an undergraduate level); music (mostly contemporary music, jazz, and popular music); physics, to an undergraduate level; roleplaying games; and video games.

Personal links:

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  • User:Uncle G/Wikipedia triage — Good reference list of things to check before instinctively slapping a {{db}} or {{nonsense}} on a new article.
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  • WP:CSD — Criteria for speedy deletion.
  • WP:DEL — General deletion policy.
  • WP:NZWNB — The New Zealand Wikipedians' Notice Board.
  • WP:RCP — RC Patrol info.

I do not dual-license my work Heckert GNU white.svg